“But Krav Maga seems like a lot of work” (Objections and Rebuttals)

Krav Maga technique: Female defender goes for a face hit/eye gauge with a male attacker.
Krav Maga technique: Female defender goes for a face hit/eye gauge with a male attacker.

Picture by Adam Lundquist for KMG

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been trying like crazy to get some of my other female friends to try at least one Krav Maga lesson. Most of them didn’t feel like it because ‘it seems so violent’, or because ‘it’s too hard’ or intensive. And time and time again I’ve been arguing with their (lame) arguments. Krav Maga is a bit violent (true), but it doesn’t veer much past ‘justifiable self-defense’.

I think I must have heard every single argument against doing Krav Maga by now. :/

Luckily, so did our friends over at The Krav Zone. So they went ahead and made a list with rebuttals. You’re trying to convince your lady friends to try at least one class? Here are your anticipatory arguments.

You’re welcome!

“What would I need that Krav Maga stuff for? Nothing bad ever happened to me. You’re a little bit paranoid.”

In my book, this is called “living in fantasy land.” Each and every day we get informed by the media about the unbelievable number of violent crimes befalling regular people everywhere, from the metropolitan streets to our lovely little suburban neighborhood. And still, it’s much more reassuring to tell ourselves that kind of things you only read on the newspaper or see on TV, like some kind of work of fiction. Unfortunately, real bad things do happen in the very real world we live in. Being aware of this disturbing yet undeniable fact and preparing for the worse does not mean being paranoid (just cautious), whereas ignoring it can be quite reckless of us and lead to irremediable consequences.

“Krav Maga seems rather violent. I’m not a violent person, I don’t like violence.”

Krav Maga has nothing to do with being a violent person. The first principle we teach our students is to avoid the conflict whenever possibile. However, if things get ugly, they know they must do whatever it takes to get home safe.
It’s really not about enjoying violence or hurting other people. It’s more about not being a victim. 98% of Krava Maga practictioner are average people who just wish to feel safer.

Read more at The Krav Zone.


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