VIDEO: Krav Maga in ‘The Human Weapon’

“The Human Weapon” is a pretty awesome show in which the hosts, Jason Chambers and Bill Duff, traveled across the world to study the unique martial arts that have origins in the region.

During the episode each train with some of the best instructors in their fields and learn some of the most cool and efficient techniques. At the end they have to show what they’ve learned during their week of training and face off against a grand master!

The “Human Weapon” was a precursor to the later show “Fight Quest” (on which I’ll do a post later) and gives you a brutally awesome introduction to Krav Maga.

Note: The techniques shown in this video are a mixture of high and low-level techniques. This is why it’s not a good representation of what you will be facing when you start Krav Maga. Some elements, such as stress tests, Krav mentality, facing multiple opponents, groin kicks or choke defenses are very much indicative of what you will be practicing at the first level.

One of the Israeli Krav International instructors wrote a fascinating post with a short analysis of Fight Quest and the Human Weapon. Here is an excerpt, but I urge you to read the entire article.

“It seems that these two TV shows, Human Weapon and Fight Quest, introduced a lot of people to Krav Maga, either for the first time, or, in a way they never saw it before; the raw Israeli way. What I am glad about is it gave many people a glimpse into our lives here in Israel, the harsh reality we are forced to live with. This is a point I try to bring out during my American seminars; Krav Maga is a reflection of Israeli society. If you don’t understand our lives here – you can’t understand Krav Maga.

Life here is unpredictable, and as such, Krav Maga must be trained in a way that deals with the unpredictability of a real fight. ”

– Israeli Krav International Blog.
Read what else they had to say on the subject of this episode.

As usual, you can leave questions or comments down in the comments section. I’ll be happy to answer them. :)

The Human Weapon Intro Post - click here to view the episode.
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One Response to “VIDEO: Krav Maga in ‘The Human Weapon’”
  1. D K says:


    Just think you should know that the video with this entry is not one about krav maga… it’s about MMA (unless I’m doing something wrong…) The krav maga episode on Human Weapon was 1×07, not 1×09.

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