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Here is a picture of me. :-)

For months now, I’ve been getting a ton of questions regarding my identity, affiliation and level. I figured it would be best if I gathered all the answers in a single post, instead of just repeating myself over and over again. ;)

Who are you?

I am Kravlady! Alternatively, you may call me Lady, Krav Lady, KL, Kravlady Maga, KLM, or any variation of the sort. If you feel better assigning me a real name, that’s fine too, just make sure I know you’re referring to me. ;)

But who are you for real?

I blog anonymously for a reason. I don’t want this to be about me. I want this to be about Krav Maga.

Can I see your picture?

See previous question! If you want to see my picture, just look at my avatar. She sorta looks like me. :D I picked her because she represents strength and independence while still being feminine and pretty. :)

Where do you train?

I train with a very skilled and dedicated instructor in the Netherlands. He’s a very smart guy and has been the source of all my Krav Maga knowledge. I’ve been incredibly lucky to end up with him as he patiently answers all my inane questions about Krav Maga into the tiniest details. Crazily enough, he even KNOWS all the answers to my sometimes far-fetched, hypothetical questions. Plus a ton of info that I didn’t even think about. :)

Thanks a lot for your patience and time, Martijn Bos!

What organisation do you train with?

One of the big ones. Which one, I don’t consider relevant at all. :) Occasionally I’ll mention it. But you’ll just have to dig through my blog entries to figure it out, if you care that much. ;)

How long have you been doing Krav Maga?

Never long enough!

What Krav Maga level are you?

Read some of my blog entries and then take a guess. ;)

Why are you blogging?

I have three reasons for blogging about Krav Maga.

1) Krav Maga has meant so much for me personally. It has already changed my life for the best in so many ways. It’s a debt that’ll take a long time to repay. I hope to return the favour by making it more accessible for newbies. If my blog helps to convince even one person to take up Krav Maga, it’s already worth it.

2) When I started Krav Maga there weren’t many places I could go to talk to others about what I felt and experienced. There definitely are forums out there, but most of them are dominated by men and – no offense, guys – men and women experience Krav Maga (and life)  differently. With this blog I hoped to create a platform for different women to come together and talk about our Krav Maga experiences.

With success! Under the name ‘Krav Chicks’ we’ve got a Twitter hashtag (#kravchicks) and a Facebook Group (Krav Chicks International and Krav Chicks Netherlands/Belgium) where we can share experiences with each other.

Twitter is public, and we welcome everyone to join our discussions, the Facebook Group is private. It’s where we discuss our experiences, ideas and share our Krav Maga stories. Some of these will be universal (such as what it’s like to be choked), others are very much female oriented (When do you mention KM to a new date? How do you deal with loved ones that don’t understand the bruises?, etc.)

3) Additionally, I hope to provide an open and welcoming environment where we all (men AND women) can have engaging discussions with each other, without worrying about the various politics surrounding the different schools. No prejudices, just Krav Maga!

Why Krav Chicks?

We’re strong, we’re powerful, we’re beautiful and we’re independent. Damn straight, we’re Krav Chicks! With Krav Chicks we transcend boundaries. We’re all women and we all do Krav Maga. That’s enough. :D

2 Responses to “About Kravlady”
  1. Dorieke says:

    Great blog again! Nice to know your reasons why you blog and why you hide your true identity. I really respect the fact that you want it to be about Krav, and not about you! And indeed, to start Krav Maga as a woman can be quite hard. I remember when I started, there were just a few girls. For a long while, I even was the only woman in our group! I really felt the need to keep proving I was just as good as the men. Good to read you have had simular experiences :) Keep up the good work!

  2. If you ever decide to post a real pic of yourself it better be in a red cape :)

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